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Just More Questions

What is unbelievable in all this is that the Honorable Robert W. Skidmore allowed this to happen. More than likely, he had his clerks deal with this and he just signed the papers. I have a hard time believing an intelligent juror would allow any business to encumber peoples’ homes for dues in a recreational club.  It would be like Elks getting liens on their members homes for dues just because they’ve been around a long time. Evidently, no one from the court bothered to verify any of information present by the club, like the premise that membership in the club adds value to property. NO WHERE does the club show any documentation to back up this claim.

One of the major points to the court was the right of property owners to encumber their property if they wished. If the members have the right to place liens on their properties, then isn’t the converse also true and the members have the right to remove those same liens?

The club is governed by three important documents: the Articles of Incorporation, the By-Laws, and the Covenants. All three documents contain procedures describing how they may be modified, by whom, and how many. If the club deliberately interferes with that process by preventing the ability of all club members to change those documents, the club is no longer operating legally. By excluding members from the election process for their thoughts and preventing them from exercising their rights under those documents, the club is using a power not defined in any of the documents. By denying the owners their rights and not allowing them any redress and to forcing those owners to continue paying dues is extortion: pay your dues or we take your house.

If the club is such a great deal, why do they have to have liens on owner’s properties to force them to pay dues?

If the club is such a great deal, why do they have to spend so much money on defending the club “…to the death…”?

If the club is such a great deal, why do they have to control the elections?

If the club is such a great deal, why do they have to silence the majority of members?

And who determines what is “…in the best interest of the corporation…”?

All these questions and many more began to plague us in 2001 when our first dues payment invoice arrived.


  1. Michele Ham
    March 23, 2021 @ 3:30 pm

    We do not use the Club. I imagine it has probably been closed for the past year anyway. We want to withdraw from paying dues for something we cannot use. Please advise.


    • Robert
      March 24, 2021 @ 10:34 am

      Hi, Michele!

      Unless the OSCC has modified it’s contract to open membership, there is nothing you can do. Once you buy an obligated property or obligate a home that is not obligated, it becomes attached to the property and there is NO buyout. Banks don’t particularly like that fact because they are forced to purchase first position on the mortgage – with a fee paid to the club.

      Sorry, to be the bearer of bad news, but this is why I put this web site up: to warn people about the club. You may not think the small monthly payment amounts to much, but to people on a fixed income????


  2. Sinia
    December 8, 2022 @ 8:12 am

    I have a comment. I received my bill in the mail. I would like information on the amount the club receives in dues each year, and where does all this money go? I am trying to look up the information but I am unable to find much information. Is the CAFE (Citizens Against Forced Enrollment) still around? I think the Ocean Shores Community Club needs to be closed down. It does not seem to be used very much and when I go there it just feels off. I think it is opened for only the residents who are living there, and we all pay for a club who don’t use but a weekend or two a month. The club is operating. We have homes out there but we don’t have representation. Is this correct?


    • Robert
      December 8, 2022 @ 10:45 am

      Hello, Sinia!

      You will not be able to get any financial information from the club. I tried;so have many others. They are very protective against that information, even though the Articles of Incorporation and the bylaws have provisions for members to do so. In my case, any request for ANYTHING was sent to the club’s attorney, Mr. Valdez – whom, I believe, is on retainer to fight people who are too curious about the club. If you even hint that your against the dues scam, you are labeled a trouble maker and any and all requests go to the attorney, which he NEVER answers.

      I believe the Cafe Society disbanded after the meeting mentioned in this website – the one where they instigated a “loyalty oath”. The club flat out lied about the election and forbid any proxies submitted my club members voting against the dues scheme.

      I agree that the club is flawed, but I don’t believe is should shut down. The only gripe I ever had was the dues methodology and the fact the “Board of Trustees” (as misnomer if there ever was one) was stacked with pro-forced dues members and anyone who disagreed was “disqualified” (like me). Part-time residents are treated no differently when it comes to dues; whether you use it or not and does not factor into the equation.

      The dues scheme is one giant scam for people who, like yourself, never or hardly ever, use the club.

      Try running for the Board as someone who whats to change the dues and see the flack for yourself.

      We walked away from our home almost 12 years ago and I would be amazed if anything has changed, except to further solidify Mr. Valdez’s control (assuming he’s still alive).

      Please, read the entire website for more information about how all this came about.

      By the way, if I ever returned to live in Ocean Shores, the club would have me arrested for violating the injunction. See the first paragraph of this website (which is a violation as well).

      Good luck!!!



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