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The Ocean Shores Community Club A Continuing Ripoff.

This web site will be going off line in August of this year.  We are pleased to have been a thorn in the side of the Ocean Shores Community Club for more years than we can count.  It’s sad to see people use other people for their own comfort by forcing others to support the club whether they want to or not.  No one should be forced to be members of something they don’t want, use, or support.

We, however, thank YOU for your support over the years and stay away from Ocean Shores.  Besides, if things keep going the way they are, Ocean Shores will be underwater in a few decades.

Good Luck!


Ocean Shores, WA

Home to many “mean and nasty” people and a few good ones…


If you are a member of the Club, please, don’t read this.  I am forbidden to discuss the Club and it’s dues scheme with you.

If you’re NOT a member of the Club or intend to purchase a home in Ocean Shores, read this first; it may save you some money and heart ache.  Why?  Because the Club has liens on many properties in Ocean Shores and forces you to pay dues to them, whether or not you want to use their services and limits the Board members to only those who agree with the dues collection system.

This is a scam and an illegally operated club that can and has foreclosed on properties for non-payment of dues!  You could lose you home if you don’t pay their extortion!  Please, read more about the Club and our experience with the Club on this website.